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ICSE Class 10-Soils in India Questions


1.What is soil?                                                                                                         1

2. What is soil fertility? How do we consider the soil is fertile?                         1+3

3. Classify soil according to location?  Distinguish between Residual(Sedimentary) and Transported soil?                                                                                       1+2

4. How is alluvial soil formed?                                                                               2

5. Mention areas in India where alluvial soil is found?                                           2

6. Distinguish between Bhangar soil and Khadar Soil? *                                        2

7. Mention three characteristics of alluvial soil?                                                     3

  or  Name the soil which almost covers West Bengal? Why alluvial soil is very fertile or favorable for cultivation (Robi and Kharif crops)? *

8.Which crops are grown well in alluvial soil?                                                            3

9. Mention another name of black soil?                                                                       1

10. Why Black soil is known as black cotton soil? *                                                  2

11. Mention areas in India where black soil is found?                                                2

12. Why color of the black soil is black? *                                                                 2

14. Mention three characteristics of black soil?                                                          3

   or Black soil is fertile in most of the places?    

15. Which crops are grown well in black soil?                                                          2    

16. How is red soil formed?                                                                                       2    

17. Mention areas in India where red soil is found?                                                  2

18. Why color of the red soil is red? *                                                                       2

19. Mention three characteristics of red soil?                                                            3

20. How laterite soils are formed? or What is the process of laterization? *             2

21.  Named the soil which is formed as a result of leaching? Why laterite soil is infertile? *                                                                                                      2

22. Mention three characteristics of laterite soil? *                                                    3

23. Mention areas in India where laterite soil is found?                                             2

24. Which crops are grown well in laterite soil?                                                         2

25. What is meant by soil erosion?                                                                              2

26. Mention the process of soil erosion by water or surface runoff?                           3

      or Distinguish between Sheet erosion and /Gully erosion?  *                               2

      or Dishtigush between Sheet erosion and Rill erosion?

      or Distinguish between sheet erosion and wind erosion?

      or Name the area in India in which Sheet, Rill, Gully erosion takes place?        3

27. What is soil conservation?                                                                                    1

28. Discuss three farming techniques that help soil conservation or prevent soil erosion in (hilly terrain)?   *                                                                          2+2+2

  or Discuss the following farming processes: Terrace Farming, Contour Farming, Strip Cropping 

29.  Discuss the following: Leaching enhances soil erosion *                        2+2

                                              How is deforestation harmful to soil erosion?

30. Discuss the causes of soil erosion? (any three points)                         2+2+2

 31. Mention two methods adopted by the government to conserve soil?         3

32. Name three important agents of erosion? How do we control these erosions, mention at least one point?                                                                3+3

33. State methods of soil conservation in flood-prone areas on the bank of the river and arid and semi-arid regions.                                                                               2+2

34. Why Re-afforestation is necessary?                                                                2   

35. Discuss the methods of soil conservation (any three)?*                                   3  

N.B : * Marked are important questions

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