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CBSE class 10 geography 1st Chapter questions Resources and Development Contemporary India II

1. What is a resource?                                                                     1
2. Classify resources on the basis of ownership for example?       3 

3. Classify resources on the basis of origin? Explain it, with example?                                                                                     1+3

4. Classify resources on the basis of exhaustibility? Explain it with example?                                                                                   1+3

5. State the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources?                                                                                     4

6.  Classify resources on the basis of development? Explain it with an example?                                                                                   1+3

7. write difference between stock and potential resource?            2

8. Write the difference between stock and reserve resources?       2

9. Why Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit very important for us for the environment and socio-economic sustainability? Where this Earth Summit occurs and when?                                                           3  

10. How is Agenda 21 related to Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit? Write two principles of  Agenda 21?                                             2+2 
11. How does Gandhiji relate sustainable development to environmental socialism? Why it is justified even today?         2+2
 How does Gandhiji explain sustainable development? why it is justified to give two reasons?
12 'Everywhere in India resource distribution are not same'
-explain it, with example?                                                           3   
13. 'Why resource planning is necessary'-  explain it (three points)?                                                                                                           3
14. Write three stages of resource planning’s in India?                 3
15. Prepare a list of  resources 
16. 'Why always every valuable  thing is not considered as 
resource' –Explain it ?                                                                   2

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