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CBSE Water resources questions chapter 3 class X Geography

 1.What is the Hydrological cycle?                                                                              2

2.How the Hydrological cycle maintains the water budget of the hydrosphere of the earth?                                                                                                                             2

3. Water is what type of resource in nature?                                                                1

4. Why we are facing water scarcity however water is a renewable resource?        2

5. What are drought-prone areas? Gives an example of a drought-prone area in India?


6. Mention sources of freshwater? (drinking water/sweet water)                            2

7. Mention how people use fresh water in India?                                                     2

8. How do reckless uses of freshwater by urbanization or Industrialisation degrade the earth's water resource?                                                                                         5

9. What are the effects of water pollution on humans?                                              3

10. What is a multipurpose river valley project? Write five names of Multipurpose river valley projects constructed of different rivers?                                           2+5

11. Mention any five objectives of the multi-purpose river valley project?           5

or Former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru said that dams as the 'temples of modern India'- why he said so?                                                                                5

12.  How we can conserve water in arid regions?                                                   2

13. Mention advantages and disadvantages of multipurpose river valley project? 3+3

14. How do overexploitation of water, excessive use of water, and unequal access to water among different social groups cause water scarcity?                                     3

15. Discuss the history of the hydraulic structure of ancient India?                        3

16. What is rainwater harvesting? Mention three processes of rainwater harvesting in India?                                                                                                                        2+3

17. How do the traditional methods of rainwater harvesting system seems to be a proper alternative because of being environmentally friendly to modern groundwater storage systems?                                                                                                         3

or Why traditional methods of rainwater harvesting is necessary for India? 3

18. What is bamboo drip irrigation? Mention the purpose of bamboo drip irrigation? How it is executed?                                                                                               2+1+2

19. Discuss how rainwater harvesting (by underground tank)is done in the semi-arid region of Rajasthan?                                                                                                 3

20.. What is rooftop rainwater harvesting? How does India progress on rooftop rainwater harvesting? Mention the process of rooftop harvesting?            2+3+2

21. Short note: Narmada Bachao Andolan or Narmada Movement               2

22. Short note: Krishna-Godavari dispute                                                         

23. Mention two-movement against the Multipurpose river valley project?    2

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