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CBSE Forest and wildlife resource class10 geography questions


1) What is biological diversity or biodiversity?                                                1

2) Why biodiversity is very important for us?                                                 3

3) What is Flora and Fauna of a region?                                                           2

4) How Flora and Fauna does endangered in India?                                       2

5)  On the basis of International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Natural Resources classify plant and animal species and discuss them?                       5

Part Question of question no 5

a) Define Normal species with two examples?                                                    2

b) What is Endangered Species explain with example?                                     2

c) What is Vulnerable Species explain with example?                                       2

d) Write difference between Vulnerable Species and Endangered Species?    2

e) What is Rare Species explain with example?                                                  2

f) What is Extinct Species explain with example?                                              2

6)Why Asiatic Cheetah in India since 1952 declared as an Extinct Species?  2   

7) What is Himalayan Yew and where it is found? How it is useful to us? Why now this plant in threat?                                                                                               1+1+2+2

8)Write the main features of Indian forests on the basis following classification: 

      a) Reserved Forest b) Protected Forest c) Unclassed Forest                   2+2+2

9) Why large scale deforestation occurs in India now-explain it with minimum three points?                                                                                                                    3

10) Discuss how the Govt. policy and steps taken by Govt. helps forest and wildlife conservation in India?                                                                                          3

11) What is “Project Tiger” and when it was launched? Explain with example why Tiger population decline in India now? Mention the steps taken by the Govt. to save Tiger in India?                                                                                             1+1+2+2

12) Discuss how different traditional communities participate in protests to conserve their won natural habitants in India? How Govt. manage to channelize these protests in positive way?                                                                                                   3+2

13) How loss of forest and wildlife effect cultural diversity?                          2

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