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ICSE-class-X-Geography-Natural Vegetation-questions

1. What is natural vegetation?                                                                                     1

2. Classify natural vegetation of India with rainfall and temperature?                       2

3. Mention the climatic conditions required for the growth of Tropical Evergreen forest? 3

or Explain why the tropical evergreen forests grow the Western (windward) slope of the western ghat?                                                                                                 3 

4. Mention three reasons why Tropical Evergreen Forests are difficult to exploit for commercial purposes?                                                                                                  3

or Explain why the tropical evergreen forests  (Kerala) are difficult to exploit?

5. Mention three characteristics of Tropical Evergreen forest?                                     3

6. Name three trees that grow in Tropical Evergreen forest?                                        3

7. State three characteristics of  Tropical Evergreen forest?                                         3

8. Mention the climatic conditions required for the growth of Tropical deciduous forest?                                                                                                                          3

9. State the uses (two) and type of the following trees: Neem, Sandal, Pine, Gorjan, Teak, Mahua, Palas, Rosewood, Semul, Mahogany, Sissoo, Sundari (Each one  is 3 marks)

10. Mention three names of trees of Dry and Wet deciduous forests?                        3

11. Distinguish between Tropical Evergreen forest and Tropical deciduous forest. (Three differences)                                                                                                    3

12. Mention three characteristics of Tropical Evergreen forest?                                 3

13. What type of vegetation is found on the coast of the lower Gangetic delta?         1

14. Mention three characteristics of Tidal forest or Littoral forest?                            3

15. Name the areas where the littoral forest is found?                                                 2

16. Mention (three) names of trees of Tidal forest?                                                  3

17. Which forest in India is commercially very important?  Why?                             1+2

18. States three characteristics of Mountain forest?                                                     3

19. Discuss which forests are located at different heights of the mountain in India with the example of trees?                                                                                      3+3

or State the locations of mountain forests in India?                                                 3

20. States three characteristics of Tropical desert forest?                                             3

21.Mention (three) names of trees of Tropical desert forest?                                       2

22. State the climatic condition where desert forest grows?                                    3

or How desert forests adapt themselves to the dry climate?

23. Name of the state where Thorns and the scrub forest is found?                             1

24. Name the states where tropical evergreen forests or rain forests are located?    2

25. Name the states where Tropical deciduous forests are located?                            2

26. Distinguish between dry and wet deciduous forests? (any three)                          3

27. Mention reasons that have lead to a decrease in forest cover in India?                  3

28.Give three reasons to explain why forests are important in India?                          3

or Why forest conservation is very much necessary in India?

29. Distinguish between Social forestry and Agroforestry? (Three differences)           3

30. Mention three objectives of  Social forestry?                                                          3

31. Mention the features of Social forestry? (any three)                                       3

32. Mention three objectives of  Agroforestry?                                                             3

33. Discuss any three forest policies of Inda?                                                               3

34. Mention any three important measures of forest conservation?                       3

35. Write a short note on the following -   Afforestation, Reafforestation                 2+2

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