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Climate Class 10 ICSE Geography Chapter 3 questions

ICSE Class 10 Climate chapter questions /edugeocul

         1. What is the name of the climate of India?                                                             1

        2. Write two factors that are effects Indian climate most?                                       2  

        3.  How does altitude affects Indian climate?                                                            2

       4   Explain- Delhi is hotter than Simla.                                                                       2

5. How does distance from the sea affect Indian climate?                                        2

 6. Explain- Mumbai has a less annual range of temperature than Jaipur.            2

 7. Explain-Kanpur has more annual range of temperature than Kolkata.          2  

8. Explain- The annual range of temperature is less in Mumbai than in Agra.    2

9. How does western disturbance effects Indian climate?                                        2

         10. Explain- Why rainfall occurs at Panjab in the winter season.                          2

11. Mention the importance of Western Disturbance in India  (or northwestern part of India).                                                                                                                           2

 12. How El NiƱo affects the monsoonal rainfall in India?                                      2

13. Mention three relief features which are influence the Indian climate and how?                                                                                                                                                   3+3

14. How does monsoon wind affects the Indian climate?                                      3

15. How does latitude affects the Indian climate?                                                 2

16. Describe two characteristics of the summer season?                                      2

15. Describe two characteristics of the south-west monsoon?                             2

16. Southwest monsoon wind (summer monsoon) wind blows over the Arabian Sea-explain it.                                                                                                                                 2       

17. Mention two reasons- Why the Arabian Sea branch of the southwest monsoon does not shed any rainfall eastern slope and foothills of the Western Ghats.                     2

18. Explain-Coastal area of  Maharastra receives more rainfall than central Maharastra.                                                                                                                                            2

19. Explain-Why Ganga plane receives late monsoonal rainfall than Kerala.                                                                                                                                                                  2

20. Explain- Kolkata receives heavier rain than Lucknow.                                     2

22. Distinguish between the Arabian Sea branch and the Bay of Bengal branch?  3

23. Write two characteristics of retreating monsoon?                                              2

24. Write two characteristics of north East monsoon  wind?                                  2

Or why northeast monsoon brings almost no rain to most in India?                     2

25. Why does Tamilnadu is received two times of rainfall –explain it and mention the two winds name responsible for it?                                                                                 2

26. Mention benefits of winter rainfall in Tamilnadu.                                            2

27. Give two reasons why rainfall is not the same everywhere?                            2

28. Why do most of the places in India receive orographic rainfall in the late summer season or rainy season.                                                                                                             2

29. Mention the name of the wind brings orographic rainfall to Cherrapunji?    1 

30. Explain- Why Shillong receives less rainfall than Mawsynram?                     2

31.  Explain- Mangalore and Mysore are located in the same latitude however rainfall months are different.                                                                                                 2

32. Explain-Why Mumbai and Chennai have different rainfall times in a year. 2

 A) Study the climatic data of Station A given below answer the questions that follow:                    

a) Does the station have a continental or maritime climate? Give reason?

b) Suggest the name of the station?

c) Calculate the total annual rainfall of the station?

d) Name the season during which the rainfall is most?

e) Calculate the annual range of temperature of the station?

f) Name the wind that brings most of the rainfall to station A  State one reason for your answer.

B) Study the climatic data of Station B given below answer the questions that follow:

a) Calculate the annual range of temperature?

b) Calculate the mean annual temperature?

c) Name the driest month?

C) Study the climatic data of Station C  given below answer the questions that follow:

 a) This station is located away from the sea? Give a reason to justify it?

b) Presuming that both Station B and Station C are located in south India, states with reasons as to which of the two lies on the windward side of the Western Ghats?

 N.B. In the case of determining the hemisphere, you have to understand the hot and cold months’ temperatures.

We know in the northern hemisphere March, April, and May are hotter seasons when the temperature is high whereas that time in the southern hemisphere is very cold. Temperature goes down to near zero degrees. 


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