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CBSE Geography class 10 Land and Soil resources questions


1) What is land use pattern? 1

2) Mention the percentage of lands are used  in India and also mention their purposes? 3

3) Mention the pattern of land utilization (purposes) in India ? 5

Or Part questions: Define the following items-Fallow land, Other uncultivated land, Grazing land, Pastures, Net sown area

4) Why India has only 93% of land use data among total geographical area?2

5)  What is waste land? which purposes waste land are used?1+2

6) Give two reason why net shown area (NSA) is very low in north east states of  India give two reasons?2

7) Why in Panjab and Haryana NSA is very high give two reasons?2

8) 'Forest area in India less then desired33% of geographical area'-Why it is essential for to maintain give two  reasons?2

9) What is land degradation? Mention three causes of land degradation? 1+3

10) Mention the causes of land degradation in India with suitable examples of states? 

       How land degradation problems can be solved mention measures ? 5+3

Or Part Questions:

Q. How mining effects the land degradation give two reasons ? which states are responsible most?2+2

Q. Mention the name of states where overgrazing and over irrigation responsible for land degradation?2

11) Soil is what type of resource? Why soil is considered as a resource  explain with examples? 1+3

12) Mention three factors those are responsible for soil formation and how  ? 3

13) How Alluvial soil formed? Mention any three characteristics of Alluvial soil?1+3

14) Distinguish between Bangar and Khader? (on the basis of  three points)3

15) Why alluvial soil is very fertile? 2

16) Which crops are grown well in Alluvial soil? Where we found Alluvial soil in India?2+1

17) What is the another name of black soil? what is the local name of black soil?2

18) How Black soil formed? Mention any three characteristics of Black soil?2+3

19) Why Black soil is very fertile? Or Why it is suitable for growing cotton?  2

20) Which crops are grown well in Black soil?2

21) Where we found Alluvial soil in India? 2

22) Distinguish between Laterite soil and Red soil? (on the basis of  three points) 3

23) How Laterite soil formed?2

24) Where we found Laterite soil in India? 2

25) Which crops are grown well in Laterite soil?2

26) Mention any three characteristics of  Laterite soil?3

27) Describe following soils under the following topics: Red soil, Arid soil , Forest Soil-  

 a) Location b) Formation c) Two characteristics  2+2+2

28) Mention three methods of soil conservation ?3

29) Describe three following methods of soil conservation in hilly areas:2+2+2

      a) Strip Cropping b) Contour Ploughing c) Terrace Cultivation

30) Mention two methods where human is responsible for soil erosion?

31) How runoff water can do soil erosion mention three points? In which soil it effects most?3+1

or Describe a) Gully Erosion b) sheet erosion  c) Bad land   2+2+1


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