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Landforms orders of the earth 4th order landforms 3rd order landforms 2nd order landforms 1st order landforms


 From the beginning of the earth landforms are originated in different orders:

1st  Order Landforms: Oceans and continents


                             These landforms are originated at the time of the formation of the crust of the earth.  Oceans are present on the oceanic crust and landmasses are on the continental crust.

2nd Order Landforms : Mountains, Plateaus, Planes


                                      These landforms are originated by the movements of plates (according to       Plate Tectonic Theory) like new folded mountains example: Himalaya (Asia), Rocky   (North U.S.A)

Not to Scale

3rd Order landforms: Piedmont slopes, Valleys, Canyons, Deltas, Fold,      Fault

Explanations:     When landforms are starting to originate due to tectonic activity from that    time exogenesis forces start erosional works on those originated landforms and created different sculptures which turn into 3rd order landforms. These landforms are medium-scale (meso) landforms also relatively small in dimensions than the 2nd order landforms. On the other hand, eroded materials are transported and deposited to the lowering places and created depositional landforms.

4th Order Landforms: Tors, Gullies, mesas, Butte, flood plains, beach


                            3rd order landforms further go eroded and transform as micro-scale relief features. These landforms are the product of erosional and depositional works of exogenesis forces continued over 3rd order landforms.

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